Circuit Training For Mixed Martial Artists

What is Circuit training?

Circuit training is a form of conditioning in which you string together a number of exercises completing one after another without rest or with minimal rest. The exercises that you string together form what is called the circuit.

How to do it.

There is a huge amount of room for creativity when it comes to creating a circuit. You can vary the overall length of time, the time spent on each exercise, the time in between exercises, what exercises you use, how much weight you use (if you are using weights), etc.
Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when creating a circuit training program to improve performance in MMA.
  • Time length - This one is pretty easy. You will usually want to try to mimic the length of time you will spend fighting and resting during a mma fight. For example, if you have a 3 round fight with each round lasting 5 minutes with 1 minute rest in between, then you would want to create a circuit that uses those times. Of course there are instances that you may not want to do it exactly that way. For instance you may want to increase the intensity of the workout beyond what you will experience in the fight e.g. less rest and longer periods of activity.
  • Exercises - Well, I’m a big fan of exercises that use large muscle groups, since that is usually what you use in a fight. Think pull ups, push ups, bent over rows, and squats. Not exercises that isolate one part of the body like one arm bicep curls, calf extensions and tricep extensions. Also try to make the exercises as sport specific as you can. For instance, rather than doing squats, grab a partner and practice shooting in for a double leg, then pick him all the way off the ground, then repeat. You can replace wind sprints with an intense round of kicking the thai pads. That being said, you can pretty much use any exercise you want in your circuit providing it is safe and will push you in the direction of your goal.
  • How often? - This is not an easy question to answer because it will vary from person to person. But it’s definitely an important one to ask so that you can prevent over or under training. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get a better idea of how often you should be trying to fit this into your routine.
    • Am I gearing up for a fight or just trying to maintain the fitness level I already have?
    • How intense is the other training I am currently doing?
    • Have I recently had a fight and need to recover?
    • How intense is the circuit I created?
    The answers to those questions will hopefully give you an idea of how often to implement circuit training into you conditioning program. Other than that, just make sure you listen to your coach, he is there to monitor your training and make sure you neither over nor under train.
No good article on circuit training would be complete without a real deal workout suggest. So I will turn it over 
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No bag? No problem!
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· In class, I always try to put you in the “zone”. This is a state of mind that allows you to perform at levels you never dreamed about, because you are in a state of no thought. There is no mental dialog happening in your brain. Analyzing and complaining can’t occur. You are in the moment, performing the drills at an outstanding level, and it becomes an indulgence for you instead of feeling like a workout.

It’s Effective!

I can’t answer all of your prayers, like a lot of the products on the market claim. For example the Ab-rocker, Acai berry pill, and hundreds of other fitness products out there are claiming miraculous results. We aren’t stupid, we know they’re full of lies! This class is unique and effective for thousands of people because it is simple and can be done anywhere. The trends of fitness products on the market have gotten extraordinarily complex. Who has time to do Spin on Tuesday and Interpretive Dance on Saturday? You need to be able to maximize every second of the time you have allocated for your work out. This is the definition of being effective.

It’s Exciting!
Results are born from consistency; consistency is realized when you are excited about your workout. If you are not into the workout, then you will not reach your maximum potential. 

If you love to run, and it’s working for you - outstanding; this product is not for you. On the contrary, if you are the type of person that likes to work punches, kicks, combinations, calisthenics, core work, boxing and MMA-style fitness workouts, then I have something you will be excited about!


iTunes Reviews
IncredibleThis is the best workout you can get without going to a class with Mike. I have done CKO Kickboxing for years, but with college starting my schedule doesn't allow much time to go to class. I needed something to help me workout on my own.Power Striking withor without a heavy bag are a great workout whenever I have time. I also use the first CKO mp3 class when I am traveling or otherwise don't have a heavy bag. Just shadow boxing to the class is a good workout.
Start with the first one if you can. Don't just hit the bag, but concentrate on your technique and movement. It is a fantastic workout. The Power Striking step the intensity up when you feel the first class has become too easy.
These class do not try to teach you MMA. They are intended to facilitate a workout. However, if you keep your mind on your technique and movement, the workout will help reinforce your skills."

My Second purchase from CKOTrainer"Great workout Mike! This one really gets you pushing yourself, the vocals are powerful. I almost crashed after the first set, haha. Would LOVE to see more at this intensity."

Speaking of MMA fitness, this workout I have created involves the highest level of class conditioning for MMA training. El Guapo once said, “The stand-up is the best conditioning for MMA.” (If you don’t know who El Guapo is, then you must be on the wrong website.) I decided to go a step further, adding drills to condition you for ground attacks and strikes from the bottom.

Power Striking and My Everlasting-Gob-Stopper Workouts

Power striking is 20 minutes of non-stop, urgent striking designed to allow you to achieve the conditioning levels of some of the world’s greatest strikers. Anderson Silva, Fedor Emelianenko, Mirco Cro Cop, and countless other MMA champions constantly place a huge priority on perfecting their improvised striking. To explain what I mean by improvised striking: Many forms of martial arts such as Karate, Kung-Fu and Tae Kwon Do focus on a ‘strike combination’, and then on ‘counters’ to those combinations. That strategy works efficiently, but only when your opponent fights by the same rules!

Improvised striking is the ability to strike based on the openings provided at any given time. In this class, you will absolutely train combinations, but I’ll allow you the freedom to change levels, head/hand positions, and come in from different angles, all-around working your movement.

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The Kickboxing -Heavy Bag Workout
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